McCloskey Homes Inc.  provides an experienced team to ensure the design and construction process is well planned with communication and attention to detail.

The purchase of your property sets the platform for our planning and designing to begin.  We will review the site along with the survey information to understand the parameters for the site development and design aspects to achieve your goals.

One of our team members is a Realtor who has an extensive overview of what is on the market to support your property search.


As with any home investment, it is important to understand your lending options and budget prior to embarking on your new home built.  We can refer you to a variety of lenders who can walk you through pre-approval and Construction to Permanent loan procedure.

Schedule of Events

As each project varies in scope and timing, the schedule of events will be Design, Estimating, Contract Review, Lending, Permitting, Construction, and Closing.  You should plan for several months for the pre-construction events and for 9-12 months for the construction to closing.


With our Design Agreement executed, Thomas McCloskey will work with you to develop a design that will achieve your goals.  The design process is where we define the custom characteristics with thoughtful planning and many years of experience enforcing the outcome of a complete and detailed set of plans ready for construction.  Once the design is approved by the owner, the estimating can begin.


The owner will be asked to make selections for products and finishes so the selection prices can be built into the contract.  Allowances will be listed for items that are not selected prior to contract, but it is advisable to select as much as possible to arrive at the most inclusive final scope of work and price when entering the contract review.  We have a list of trade partners and suppliers we recommend as resources to make product and finish selections.

Contract Review

The Construction Contract will be ready to review and execute once the design and estimating are completed.  Should you be financing the build, the lending package will be presented to the lender which will appraise and commit to a loan agreement.


The construction loan is organized to make direct payment to McCloskey Homes Inc. throughout the construction process.  The payment schedule lists the number of draws (progress payments) and they are typically based as a percentage of completion of listed construction operations.  A representative from the lender will inspect the construction progress to allocate the percentage of completion to release funds.


McCloskey Homes will organize and submit all the proper documentation for the building permit and monitor the progress until the permit is issued.


Arriving in the construction phase we will review all documentation once again to ensure continuity and set a construction schedule in our program.  We have selected subcontractors and suppliers to partner with us who have the same vision for excellence as we do.  We walk and review our jobs on site almost daily, but certainly when if counts the most.  You will have continuous communication and even photos of progress as we are excited to share the experience with you.  We invite you to walk the jobsite with us at certain points of progress.  We truly understand your investment and we critique each project like it is the only project that matters.  We pride ourselves with attention to detail and present the product at its best possible form.


When we approach closing, we will have all final building inspections and lender inspections complete, the property clean, and ready to present the completed project for inspection.

At this point, we have met our commitments and can hand over the keys to your exceptional new home!